Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year of Thankfulness and Sweet Moments

So I don't really do New Years Resolutions but I do love the new beginning feeling of the New Year and it always seems like a great time to start something. I am trying to catch those little things in my day that I'm thankful for. My goal is to do at least one thing every week with the hopes of it becoming a daily occurrence.
This evening I'm actually thankful for feeling exhausted. I was suppose to go to a Moms Christmas Party with our homeschool co-op. I had everything ready to go but after dinner I just didn't feel well. I tried to get up and get ready and I just felt even worse so I sadly made the decision to stay home. I went to bed and soon Liah joined me with cuddles and kisses. We then did a devotional which we were suppose to do last night but she fell asleep before I made it back home. A chapter from her American Girl book was also read. It was a nice and relaxing evening. I am so glad that I was too tired to go out tonight.

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