Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Blake

Sometimes Blake just amazes me. This morning I let the kids go up and play in the playroom for a couple of minutes and was listening to them as I rested. Liah asked Blake if he could be the babysitter for her baby dolls. I was not sure what Blake would say but as usual he took his sisters feelings into consideration and said yes. Now I know that Blake would have much rather been playing Star Wars or building something with legos but I love to see his kind heart when thinking about others. He has also started lately helping me without even being asked. A couple of times I've caught him picking up in the living room or family room just because he wants to help. Now we still have our moments, sometimes multiple times in a day, but it's great to see him growing into such a good worker and also a leader. He definitely loves to lead his cleaning crew (i.e. Liah) to see how fast they can get their bedrooms and playroom cleaned. Pretty soon he will have another sister to show such kindness too. The other day we were talking about how many kids we should have in our family and Blake said,"I think we should have one more girl after this baby." I was shocked since I thought he really wanted a brother. When asked about this he replied, "We can just adopt a brother who is 8 or 9. I want a Big brother." He probably IS wanting someone to protect him from all those sisters.

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