Thursday, December 6, 2007

Insomnia and update

The worst kind of insomnia is when you can't sleep but you have no energy to do anything. So you sit and think about all you could be doing but decide to just sit on the couch and read through other peoples latest blogs and update your own. I could be catching up on so many things............ but I'm not.

For those people who haven't heard we had our ultrasound last week and we found out we are having another..........(drum roll)........Girl! We are of course elated. We went into it really wanting a boy and a girl and to be honest I knew I was going to be ecstatic and a little disappointed no matter what. I love having my boy and I love having my girl. I think Josh still had hope that it could be twins and we would have one of each. He as well really wanted both and figured why not do it at the same time. Blake had a twinge of disappointment but was over it very quickly. Having another girl made the whole room situation very easy. We actually still had the crib set up in Liah's room even though she hasn't slept in it for almost a year. After the miscarriage in April I couldn't bear taking it down and putting it in storage and I knew as soon as we lugged the thing down the three flights of stairs I would be pregnant.

So now comes the real dilemma. The name. Josh and I tend to not agree on names and this is actually why I figured we were having a girl since it took us about ten minutes about a month ago to come up with a boys name. Isaac and we had too many choices for the middle name to count. After this I looked at Josh and said, "This must be a girl because that was way too simple." Liah was unnamed for 24 hours and I'm worried we might be leaving the hospital with no name this time. I really want a Biblical or Hebrew name so throw any ideas my way. We can use all the help we can get. We are also sort of big on meanings which adds a whole new difficulty to this process. For example, Jael is one of my favorite biblical women but her name means Mountain Goat. Josh doesn't really like the name anyway and the meaning immediately throws it out. I also like the name Phoebe (when I first heard a baby named this I didn't like it but it has grown on me) but Josh says he immediately thinks of Friends. When I mentioned the name Jordan he came back and said, "What about Euphrates or Tigris." As you can imagine this discussion is quite hilarious. I do like the name Ilana but maybe for a middle name. This is actually my Dr's name and I have always thought it was unique. We are still praying about it and hopefully the Lord will give us direction soon!

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